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Best Time of Year to get Married in Kamloops

Updated: Apr 15

Nourishing Gourmet is a full-service catering company with state-of-the-art temperature-controlled food-holding equipment to complement any menu. We have catered weddings in Clearwater, the Shuswap, Chase and numerous other locations in and around the Kamloops and Shuswap area.

At Nourishing Gourmet we excel in visually impressive and aesthetically tantalizing food displays for weddings. Our team of exceptional cooks and servers strive to be Kamloops’ best wedding catering company, bringing fresh, delicious, beautiful food to your wedding reception.

We bring over 18 years of catering experience while working alongside local farmers to purchase fresh, local produce for our services. We aim to serve incredible gourmet food and exceptional service using wholesome ingredients.

Kamloops is a beautiful choice for a wedding. The area boasts rolling vistas, long warm sunny days and converging rivers and a sparkling lake. It is one of Canada’s sunniest destinations with an average of over 2000 hours of sunshine a year. With the advantage of a warmer climate it is an ideal location all year round, but the best time for a wedding?


Here are four great reasons to have a summer wedding in Kamloops:

Less Chance of Rain

The summers in Kamloops are warm, dry and hardly cloudy. The area gets fewer than 6 days of rain per month all year round and even less than that during the summertime. The weather will most likely be consistently sunny during your ceremony.

Naturally, bright lighting means you have plenty of time for photos and you can save money while still capturing the moment. Did you know people are happier during the summer? The vitamin D boost you receive from the increased summer sun can boost feelings of joy and happiness.

Natural Aesthetics

Picturesque views, natural flora and ambient wildlife can add an effortlessly natural aesthetic to your weddings. Whether it is the smell of blossoming flowers, the sight of leafy trees or the sound of gentle birdsong, the great outdoors will deliver an invigorating and fresh setting on your special day.

A summer wedding can give you more options when it comes to selecting your venue or event space. Even on a budget, an outdoor venue can prove to be a memorable experience with the right setting. You could consider using a marquee or incorporating an outdoor pavilion. Even if you have the ceremony indoors, the warm summer weather gives you more options when figuring out the logistics for your big day.

Need help with finding a wedding venue? Check out some of our favourite locations on our Venues page!

Flexible Colour Schemes

A lot of summer weddings like to take advantage of the joyful season to incorporate brighter colour palettes into their ceremony. Summer brides tend to have more options available and therefore lean towards brighter hues and tones. You have the opportunity to incorporate as many pops of colour into your ceremony or even opt for a more neutral palette. Regardless of your choice, in the natural lighting most colour schemes leave a remarkable impression.

Fresh, Sustainable Local Produce

Summer is the season when you have the best farm produce to highlight your wedding menu. There are cost-effective options where you can serve light and refreshing food that will be satisfying for your guests and much cheaper than a full-course plated dinner. In the summertime, there is fresh fruit and vegetables aplenty.

Since the weather will be warmer, your guests may not appreciate a heavy meal. Instead, you could opt for delicate appetizers and cool ice drinks.

At Nourishing Gourmet we specialize in creating food that is amazing to look at and incredible to eat.

More Hours of Bright Sunlight

The longest days of the year are in summer, and this gives you the distinct advantage of ample time to enjoy your festivities. Sunset weddings are incredibly popular and in the summertime, you can take advantage of the warm nights to host an evening reception. You can take your time getting ready and shooting photos before hosting a non-traditional outdoor ceremony.

Some brides like to opt for an outdoor morning wedding. Then guests can enjoy a summer brunch for a more casual and fun vibe.

Do you want to learn more about how we can Cater your wedding? Get in Touch today to find out about our Catering Options!

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