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Questions from your Wedding Caterer about your Kamloops Wedding Venue

Updated: Apr 15

Nourishing Gourmet is a Wedding and Event catering service known for its delicious, visually impressive, and aesthetically tantalizing food displays. We have years of experience serving the community of Kamloops as well as the Shuswap area.

Our focus is on the taste and presentation of our food. At Nourishing Gourmet, we strive to be the best Kamloops’ catering company by bringing fresh, delicious, and beautiful food to your event. We can help you cater your wedding with our exceptional service and affordable package offers.

Contact us today to learn more about our Kamloops and Shuswap wedding catering services!

When it comes to planning a wedding and choosing a venue it is best to consider the feasibility from a catering point of view. Although most venues are prepared to work under all types of conditions, things will run much smoother when you iron out a few key details.

Any miscommunications could result in delays serving your menu, disorganized service, and other possible headaches.

Here are some of the most common questions we ask couples and wedding planners about wedding venues:

Are you allowed to use your own catering company at the wedding venue?

If you plan to bring your own caterer you may need to factor in any requirements from the venue’s manager. They may require your caterer to sign a release form for damages that occur during the event. Plus, wedding venues have been known to include a surcharge or additional fee if you plan to bring in an outside caterer.

Also, note that some venues have an exclusive contract with a specific caterer and in that case, they may not allow you to use your own caterer.

How much space will we have to work with?

This question is related to the common question of how many people will be attending your event. Your caterer needs to know the number of guests you will be expecting at the wedding as it will help them effectively plan for your event. In order to serve effectively, servers will need space to move around! It’s helpful to a caterer to be able to plan their area in advance so they can cook and serve safely and effectively.

Does the wedding venue have a space for catering staff to set up and stage?

Most caterers require a space for preparation and staging dishes before they can be served. Although it is not necessary to have access to a full kitchen, it is still preferable to have a designated area for the catering team to set up. Some venues will allow you to use their equipment – but may add an extra charge.

Have they hosted weddings before?

Is your venue aware of the logistical difficulties that come with hosting a wedding? It could be vital to have this information before the big day as it can help avoid any potential conflict. To be safe, you can consider having your caterer see the venue themselves. This gives you both an opportunity to express any concerns you may have.

Will the catering staff have access to power and water?

Sufficient power options are important if you plan to serve hot or cold food at your wedding. Electric heaters are placed under dishes to keep food at an appropriate temperature until it is ready to serve to your guests. Plus, proper food refrigeration is important for the safety of you and your guests. Hot and cold running water is necessary for not only food preparation but hygiene as well. The caterers will require somewhere to wash their hands and equipment.

Does the wedding venue allow for the disposal of catering materials?

Some wedding venues will not allow you to dispose of catering containers, leftovers, or waste. If this is the case it is important to let your caterer know so they can bring their own dumpster or cans for clean-up. If your caterer must pack up the trash, this could affect their logistics and potentially the price of their services. Consider asking about waste disposal as it is better to be safe than sorry.

There is no shortage of beautiful wedding venues in and around Kamloops. At Nourishing Gourmet we will make sure there is beautiful, delectable food so that your special event is unforgettable!

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