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Carrie Smith

April 16th 2017

Carrie Smith,

Nourishing Gourmet had the pleasure of catering for Carrie and Bob on Easter Sunday in Kamloops BC. Carrie and Bob make such a lovely couple and it warmed our hearts to serve them. The impromptu Easter themed wedding featured beautiful pastel colored tulips, easter eggs and our mouth watering Tradtional Roast Beef Dinner. The roast sported a homemade bone broth demi-glaze made from scratch! Our kitchen team takes great pride in creating as much of our food with natural, home grown and homemade ingredients as possible. Packaged sauces and gravies just don't compare to our expertly crafted, bone broth demi-glaze.




Carrie Smith Easter Wedding Table

Carrie's guests and family enjoying their Tradtional Roast Beef Dinner


Our organic green salads are also homegrown right outside our door and the three homemade salad dressings we feature are always a hit. Apple Lime Vinagrette, Buttermilk Ranch and our Oriental Goddess adds an exotic flair to uplift any type of leafy greens. The Oriental Goddess dressing is surprisingly popular. It is made with an irresistable pairing of lemon, ginger, soy sauce, honey and tahini.


Here's what the lovely bride Carrie had to say about Nourishing Gourmet's wedding catering expertise:


"Amazingly delicious dinner! Service exceptional! Impromptu Easter wedding dinner... Nailed It!!! Thanks to you Sameena and company!"


Carrie Smith Easter Wedding Buffet Table

Salads, Mashed Potatoes and the Roast Baron Of Beef live action carving station.


Carrie Smith Easter Wedding Feature Table

Carrie's Easter themed feature table for kids.


Even on short notice, Nourishing Gourmet's staff and chef go the extra mile to make sure your dinner is as memorable as possible! If you have an upcoming wedding or event and you're as passionate about food as we are, contact Nourishing Gourmet for a booking today! We promise to bring the Oriental Goddess Tahini dressing. Thanks for having us Carrie!

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