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Jensen Law Kamloops Lobster Bash,

Jensen Law Kamloops Lobster Bash

June 6th 2015

We were pleased with how everything went and your food was delicious!

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Mathew Brugger and Sierra Methot,

Mathew Brugger and Sierra Methot

May 30th 2015

Nourishing Gourmet your food was amazing!

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City of Kamloops,

City of Kamloops

January 18th 2015

We contacted Nourishing Gourmet to feed our guests and the response was amazing!

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Shuswap Nation Tribal Council,

Shuswap Nation Tribal Council

October 6th 2014

Nourishing Gourmet always exceed expectations with their delicious, creative, and beautifully presented catering.

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Sarah And Shea Doyle,

Sarah And Shea Doyle

August 30th 2014

Thank you for all your hard work, you made our wedding perfect!

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Dalyce & Jason Byette,

Dalyce & Jason Byette

April 30th 2014

The food was incredible. Everyone was raving about the ribs!

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Jon and Danielle,

Jon and Danielle

April 28th 2014

Our appetizers and dinner were a huge highlight of our wedding

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John and Maria Bett,

John and Maria Bett

October 30th 2013

Nourishing Gourmet is a step above!

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