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Jensen Law Kamloops Lobster Bash
Jensen Law Kamloops Lobster Bash

Pig And Lamb Roasting

Nourishing Gourmet is very happy to provide full-meal on site full pig and lamb roasting for your catered wedding or event in Kamloops. There is nothing quite like a full, all day roasted pig carved freshly for dinner. With the help of PigOut Roaster's © full size roaster, your wedding guests can be treated to a large assortment of meal options entirely roasted wherever your event takes place. The different types of food and cooking styles supported by the roaster and Nourishing Gourmet's expert staff will make sure your wedding dinner dreams can come true.

The PigOut Roaster © can handle a lot of food and a lot of options for your event's meal. Here's some ideas for your event dishes from Nourishing Gourmet:

  • Slow roast an entire up-to 170lb Pig or Lamb*
  • Rotisserie up to 40 full sized chickens
  • Slow smoked and roasted racks of ribs (32 racks at once!)
  • 15+ cedar-planked salmon
  • Roast your vegetables and other appetizers/side dishes
  • Perfectly roasted corn on the cob

*Nourishing Gourmet uses only local, organic free-range pork and lamb

How does it work? Here's some info from PigOut Roasters:

Get your wedding or event catered by Nourishing Gourmet and try one of our many on-site whole roasted meal options!

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