Nourish and Namaste

January 9th 2020

Nourishing Gourmet table setting at Sullindeo Farms

Nourishing Gourmet Catering reached out to join forces with fellow Westsyde female entrepreneurs Patricia Sullivan and Leilani Reid to create a unique Food, Yoga and Farm event called Nourish and Namaste this past summer.

Yoga Group at Sullindeo Farms

On June 29, lucky attendees of this event gathered on Sullindeo Farms, the horticultural wonderland created by Patricia Sullivan.

Flower Garden at Sullindeo Farm

Patricia Sullivan

Patricia has toiled tirelessly to be the change we all seek in the world. Her connection to the land, and her skills as a horticulturist are evident on this haven located on Dairy Road. Her farm produces pastured organic chicken and turkey, and grows luscious organic produce for Nourishing Gourmet Catering, as well as year round source for the farm. As the home base for our Catering Trailer, the farm is also a place for us to reset, and there is an unforgettable feeling of peace and abundance on this land, making it the perfect home for this special food & yoga event.

Garden archway Sullindeo Farm with yoga group

Leilani Reid yoga teacher at Sullindeo Farm

Leilani Reid is a yoga teacher, Reiki Master, and holistic entrepreneur dedicated to sharing her offerings to help people step into the highest version of themselves. Today, we were blessed to have this beautiful lady lead nurturing and peaceful yoga experience on the farm.

Yoga Group at Sullindeo Farms

While our guests enjoyed some limbering up, just a few steps away, Chef Sameena Sandhu was busy collecting ingredients for her salad course.

Sameena Sandhu of Nourishing Gourmet

Nourishing Gourmet Food at Sullindeo Farm

Eating at Sullindeo Farm and enjoying Privato wine

Pear & Goat Cheese Salad with Amaranth served on a Hosta Leaf

Before the main course Chef Sameena explains the history of Biryani, the healing power of herbs, and the symbolic unity of everyone sharing a meal from one pot layered with Sullindeo Farm Chicken, Rice, and Farm Fresh Vegetables.

Nourishing Gourmet Chicken Biriyani with Cilantro

Sullindeo Farms Chicken Biriyani with Cilantro

A Toast at Sullindeo Farm with Privato Wine

Leilani gave a beautiful toast thanking everyone for joining in such a special event.

Cherry Trifle with Organic Custard and Monte Creek Wine

To complete this epic meal, Chef Sameena serves a trifle made of Westsyde Cherries she picked that morning (Thank you neighbours Mark & Kristie!),Organic Custard, and Monte Creek Ice Wine.

Nourishing Gourmet Trailer

Sameena and the Nourishing Gourmet Trailer

Thank you so much to all of our guests and supporters. Special thanks to Kate Duhaime for so graciously capturing the day on film. Stay tuned for our next farm event! We can’t wait!

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