Sarah And Shea Doyle
Sarah And Shea Doyle

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About our company


Nourishing Gourmet opened its doors in 2009. We have a fully licensed commercial kitchen and a full size pig and lamb roaster. 


We do onsite events as well as offsite events within a 250km radius of Kamloops.


We have also grown our own organic produce and herbs, and feed our nutritious kitchen scraps daily to the animals. This leads to a high amount of phytonutrients and great flavour in our local meat products. 


Bringing over 18 years of catering experience to the table, Nourishing Gourmet also partners with local farmers, and shops at local farmers markets to purchase her ingredients. 


Our corporate mission is  simply to provide:


"Gourmet Food & Exceptional Service using Wholesome Ingredients" 

using Garden Produce, Local Meats, Ancient Grains.....
and intensely delicious recipes...


Mendels lettuce

Local strawberries


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